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Concepts - Signals (feat. Athika) (Official Video) (2017)

Concepts - Signals (feat. Athika) (Official Video) (2017)

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Story Of The Year - Wolves Full Album

STORY OF THE YEAR - It’s been 6 years since our last record. We’ve been on a self imposed hiatus for much of that time, and to say it’s been confusing and difficult for all of us is an understatement.

But with darkness often comes great art, and to be certain, the sun always rises. We’re stepping out of the shadows with more passion and energy than perhaps any time in the last decade. We are re-vitalized and absolutely intent on delivering the best record of our lives. It’s time to rock!

Anggota Band Dan Marsala - Vocals
Philip Sneed - Bass/Guitar, Vocals
Ryan Phillips - Guitar
Josh Wills - Drums

Track List:
2. How Can We Go On
3. Bang Bang
4. Youth
5. I Swear I'm Okay
6. Miracle
7. Can Anybody Hear Me
8. A Part of Me
9. Give up My Heart
10. The Eternal Battle for Mike Cronin's Soul (To Be Alive Again)
11. My Home
12. Goodnight, My Love
13. Like Ghosts
14. Praying for Rain

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Punk Goes Cover Full Album

Punk Goes... is a series of pop albums released by Fearless Records in which "punk rock" bands perform covers of songs from other genres. As of 2014, the series consists of sixteen compilation albums. Though predominantly a series of cover albums, Punk Goes Acoustic and Punk Goes Acoustic 2 completely deviate from this theme, featuring only acoustic versions of original songs by the featured bands, while 2013's Punk Goes Christmas features a mix of both Christmas-themed original songs and covers. Similarly, the series' first installment, 2000's Punk Goes Metal, consists entirely of covers with the exception of "Why Rock?" performed by The Aquabats, which was in fact an original song credited to a fictitious band called "Leather Pyrate".
YearTitleChart positionsU.S.U.S. Comp2000Punk Goes Metal
Released: August 1, 2000——2002Punk Goes Pop
Released: April 3, 2002——2003Punk Goes Acoustic
Released: October 21, 2003——2005Punk Goes 80's
Released: June …